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When talking about doom metal there is always an expectation of crushing riffs, and an isolated feeling.  Pallbearer certainly provides this.  However...View Details

Godflesh is one of the heaviest bands you’ll ever hear.  As one of the bands largely credited with inventing industrial metal, it is interesting to he...View Details

Novembers Doom is a band who has unfairly been compared to Opeth throughout their career. On this episode of Discography Discussion, we sit down with ...View Details

Welcome to Thrift Blast. A seven part series where Dan gives you his thoughts on twenty-one albums he found while searching for big box PC games at a ...View Details

Every musical genre has it’s idols. Discography Discussion talks about Samhain, and decides if “Glenn Danzig the vocalist” deserves the same credit as...View Details

On October 15th, 2018, Discography Discussion placed a call to "The King of Metal," Max Cavalera. Max talks about the new Soulfly album "Ritual," Hel...View Details

Since 1995, Virgin Black has created a sound all their own by combining industrial, gothic rock, and doom metal. While some bands think they create a ...View Details

Stephen Sarro of Unteachers joins us once again to dive into the doom metal black hole known as Paramaecium. Like any good doom metal, album this disc...View Details

The time has come for Kyuss to be discussed. Only one podcast could bring this desert rock thunder to your ears, and Trey Suiter from Rifft is backing...View Details

"The Doomhammer" is bringing the doom metal on this episode of Discography Discussion. In celebration of the eclipse crossing over the United States, ...View Details

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