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It used to be hard to be an extreme metal fan in the 80's and 90's when everyone was sure every random corner of the world was brimming with hidden Sa...View Details

Have you ever wondered where your favorite video game fits into the various subgenres of Heavy Metal?  Maybe you haven't, but we sure have!  Dan, Joe,...View Details

This week it’s a battle of the crazy!  Which band is more unhinged?  Into the ring steps Training for Utopia, one of the spazziest bands to come out o...View Details

Before we all had to keep our distance, Dan, Joe, and Mike sat down to watch Crush The Skull.  This crowd-funded film has enough dark humor, and self-...View Details

On a recent episode of Discography Discussion we referred to everyone’s favorite lyrics by The Chariot, “the devil is in Atlanta.” Häxan, a film by Be...View Details

Novembers Doom is a band who has unfairly been compared to Opeth throughout their career. On this episode of Discography Discussion, we sit down with ...View Details

Long time friend of the show Mike Yahne stops in this week to discuss the staggering discography of the mighty Opeth. Is it ok for a metal band to sto...View Details

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