It’s time for the Chaos metal. Did Sepultura die after Max left the band? Did “Roots” influence nu-metal as much as nu-metal influenced Roots? Does Derrick Green have a good singing voice? How fast can Geoff run when listening to Chaos AD? Find out in this episode as the guys journey through their Morbid Visions and try to deliver themselves from their Machine Messiah. #discussmetal #Sepultura #GeoffRunsLikeHell

This weeks playlist can be found at the end of the show notes.  Enjoy.


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DiscussmetalDan’s Sepultura Playlist

  1. Necromancer
  2. Troops of Doom
  3. To the Wall
  4. Inquisition Symphony
  5. Beneath the Remains
  6. Inner Self
  7. Mass Hypnosis
  8. Dead Embryonic Cells
  9. Infected Voice
  10. Refuse/Resist
  11. Biotech is Godzilla
  12. Roots Bloody Roots
  13. Cut-Throat
  14. Ratamahatta
  15. Choke
  16. Rumors
  17. Border Wars
  18. Who Must Die?
  19. Come Back Alive
  20. Apes of God
  21. Convicted in Life
  22. Filthy Rot
  23. Relentless
  24. Just One Fix
  25. The Vatican
  26. I Am The Enemy
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