If you had the chance to talk to Jarrod Montague, the former drummer of Taproot, currently of Westfall, and author extraordinaire, what would you say to him? We decided to talk about Metallica. And, by us, we mean him. Jarrod talks about his origins in heavy music, how he found Metallica, why he liked Lars Ulcrich back in the day, and how this all led to "True Rockstars." Plus, our hosts get the chance to catch up on everybody's favorite metal band. Have opinions changed, stayed the same, and is anyone actually safe? #discussmetal #Metallica #TrueRockstars #JoshIsInHouse

You can pre-order Jarrod's new book "True Rockstars: 12 Guiding Principles for Success and Happiness" at https://squareup.com/store/truerockstars
Jarrod Montague of Westfall and former drummer of Taproot - https://twitter.com/jarrodmontague && https://www.facebook.com/truerockstars

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- Josh's Metallica Playlist -
1.Hit the Lights. This song will capture the early essence of thrash metal.
2.The Four Horsemen. This Metallica classic has been a staple in live sets for 25 plus years.
3. Seek and Destroy. Arguably their most well known song.
4. Ride the Lightning. Great lyrical content and amazing solo.
5.For Whom the Bell tolls. Great Metallica anthem.
6. Fade to Black. The first song to to move away from the thrash sound with slower riffs and darker lyrics.
7. Master of Puppets. You know this one unless you live under a rock or in Antartica.
8. Leper Messiah. First of many songs relating to Jame's issues with religion from his childhood
9. Orion. To date, their best instrumental. The harmony guitar parts of along with Cliff's amazing bass lines are pure bliss.
10. Enter Sandman. Nothing to say here. Title says it all.
11. My Friend of Misery. One of my favorites from the Black album. It is a different sound with a dark, almost sad feeling.
12.Whiskey In a Jar. One of my favorite drinking, partying, have great time kinda song.
13. Blackened. This song will kick your ass.
14.One. Like sandman, nothing to say. This song speaks for itself.
15.Halo on Fire. Favorite from their newest album. Great song content and a return to harmony guitar riffs.

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