The Hosts

Joe. Master of all things involved in production and sound engineering of the show. Joe's knowledge is only limited by personal experience and the speed of his internet connection. If he doesn't know a fact, he can find it faster than you can think we don't know it. Misinformation is his enemy and one he will eventually eradicate.

Dan. Master of Metal and Hardcore. Dan listens to music almost 24/7 (yes even in the bathroom because gross). There aren't a lot of bands he hasn't heard. He looks nothing up and is able to recall ridiculous details about bands, shows and albums entirely from memory.  Joe has to correct him....a lot.

Geoff  Master of all things Progressive and Technical.  Techy high production metal is his bag.  Do you need a calculator on hand to enjoy his favorite bands?  Of course you do.  Geoff has an extensive knowledge of progressive, technical, and underground metal bands and is kind enough to drop his knowledge on you at the drop of a hat.

Josh. Master of all things Hard Rock and Metal. If your band isn’t notable,  he doesn’t care, you must impress him. Honesty is his game and he plays it well. If you suck, he will tell you. If you are awesome he will discuss you. There is no escape. You will be judged.
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If you are in a discussed band and would like to do an interview on the show, please contact us as soon as possible because we get tired of just hearing ourselves talk for an hour.
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