A heavy metal podcast, and in depth discussion by fans, for fans.  From old school thrash metal, to modern djent, and deathcore. Underground and mainstream.  Hardcore, metalcore, and everywhere in between.  Every time we record, your hosts bring everything to the table.  Each band has a story to tell with their music. New episodes released every week featuring a new band, and occasional interviews. #discussmetal podcast.discussmetal.com

Bands are discussed all the time on thousands of podcasts online right now.  So what makes our podcast different?  Maybe nothing.  However we have decided that instead of discussing small parts of band's careers we would like to have an in depth discussion about the band from beginning to end.  We are a show that likes to focus on various forms of Hard Rock and Metal and all of the sub genres that go with it.  Instead of arguing about what genre a band is, we care more about what type of impact they had on music in general.  We are not here to argue about whether or not Nu Metal or Metalcore count as metal or not.  Sometimes we discuss bands that have varying religious or political beliefs.  We aren't here to discuss those views in depth either.  Bottom line is that if we like the band we will discuss it.  Our attempt is not to be overly negative either.  Although some bands make bad choices throughout their careers we are willing to handle the ups and downs, but we are not here to talk trash.  We have recently been lucky enough to have access to various musicians within the genres we discuss.  One of our favorite things to do is to have a musician on to discuss a band or discography that they enjoy to gain more insight and perspective on how that music influenced them.

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